EDO-SERVEIS offers to administrations, companies, training centres, higher education institutions and organizations of any kind the possibility to design, develop and assess training proposals adapted to the training needs of their staff with the purpose of give an appropriate response which help to develop their staff in a personal and professional level and, at the same time, stimulate organization improvement.

Among all programs developed until now, the following ones are highlighted: 

– Master en Formación y Gestión Universitaria. (+ information)
– Master en Dirección de centros para la innovación (+ information)
– Postgrado en Formación Docente del Professorado Universitario (+ information)
– Postgrado  en Dirección de centros para la innovación (+ information)
– Postgrado en Educación, especialidad en Didáctica de las Matemáticas, de las Ciencias y la lengua. (+ information)

Contact us if you want further information about our corporative training: edo@uab.cat