The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) took on the challenge of teaching and researching into the development of organisations in general and of educational organisations in particular in 1981, with the appointment of Joaquín Gairín Sallán and thanks to his commitment to this area of study and practice.  The Organisational Development Group (EDO, in its Spanish acronym) is therefore the culmination of over two decades of forming working groups on current training needs and priority research topics.

EDO is a space for presenting, exchanging and promoting research ideas and activities in the field of organisations. Its title was made official by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 1999, it was accredited as a consolidated research group by the Catalan government’s Department of Universities, Research and Information Society on 18th October 2005, and its status was ratified in 2009 (SGR2009-397), 2014 (2014SGR-176) and currently it’s still recognised after the last disposition on September 2018 (2017SGR-00318). Its main research focus is on the nature and development of educational organisations.

EDO’s principal objectives are to study educational organisations, processes of change and the effectiveness of existing or planned strategies for improvement. Its interests therefore include the nature of educational organisations, the different types of these, how they are organised and managed, institutional dynamics, resistance to change, the role of managers and the impact of new technologies, all of this with reference to pre-university centres, universities themselves, and other types of centres like those offering training to the unemployed, healthcare organisations, leisure centres and so on.