2016-04-11 07:27

EDO has started, together with DDD of UAB, a digital library that includes publications of their members. 


For these lasts months, EDO-UAB has been working on starting their Digital Library, collaborating with Digital Documents Repository (DDD). The purpose of this space is offering open and free access to publications developed by EDO members.

DDD, Digital Documents Repository of UAB, is a tool from which it collect, manage, spread and preserve scientific, teaching and institutional production of the university and collects digital documents from UAB’s libraries at the same time. It shows an organized collection, with an open and interoperability access.

DDD always includes metadata of description of the resource and access to the full text. The same description could reference one or more documents. With this, we can tap advantages of digital storing, recovery and communication.

With the DDD, UAB intents:
– Increase visibility, access, using and impact of the research studies’ results.
– Increase authors and institution visibility.
– Enable search of scientific, teaching and institutional production of UAB from a single repository.
– Offer a platform where the university community can share the full text of their publications in an open access.
– Add value to documents through standardized citations, consult statistics and permanent links.
– Ensure long term access with preservation mechanisms.

Moreover, for EDO, the creation of a Digital Library helps to accomplish an objective: visibility and transfer of knowledge of research projects to society in general, and to those interested in the topics in specific. Moreover, it allows to answer demands of the last calls of national and international research projects, which includes as a request, to publish the results of their research studies developed in open access.

Access to Digital Library EDO: https://ddd.uab.cat/collection/edo