Carla Quesada Pallarès 

Team EFI

+34 93 581 10 75

Carla Quesada Pallarès, Lecturer – Serra Húnter Fellow. She belongs to the Research Methods and Diagnosis Area at the Aplied Pedagogy Department at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She holds a PhD in Education at UAB (2014), and focused her thesis on transfer of training. She is also MD at the Research Interuniversity Master on Methodology of Behavioral Sciences and Health at the UNED (2014); Research Master on Education at the UAB (2009); Postgraduate in Management of Continuous Training in Organizations at the IL3-UB (2008); and BA in Psychology (2008). Carla is member of EFI group (since 2008). Her research has focused on the evaluation of: transfer of learning; Vocational Education and Training; training in organizations; employment, training and women; teacher training in the university context; and training and entrepreneurship, among others.
Recently, as the coordinator or the innovation group CompREd and linked to the PAFIU-UAB group, she is studying the acquisition and development of the research competence in education. She has also worked as a human resources consultant, specialized in training management.

ResearcherID: T-3366-2018 // SCOPUS Author ID: 36094762200