Maria Pilar Aluja París

Group Coordinator
☎ 0034935811911

I am a professor of Physical Anthropology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Leading a consolidated multidisciplinary research group in Biologic Anthropology, -Grup de Recerca en Antropologia Biològica (GREAB)- accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya (ref. 2014 SGR 1420). I also lead the Molecular and Populational Anthropology group (oficial code:1264) in the abovementioned University with the objective of studying the diversity in human populations at biodemographic, genetic and molecular levels and its application in the historical reconstruction of populations. My field of research addresses mainly the evolutionary study of modern human populations at a molecular level, focusing in the recent years in the evolutionary aspect of mitochondrial DNA and its role in normal and pathological variability (glioma and cardiovascular diseases) of our species. Since February 2010 I am the director of the Animal Biology, Vegetal Biology and Ecology Department in the Faculty of Biosciences of the UAB.