The GREP’s members are teachers of the Corporal Education Teaching Unit of the Department of Teaching of Musical, Plastic and Corporal Expression at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. All of them are:


I am a teacher, Psychomotor, Specialist in Physical Education, Graduate in Philosophy and Arts, and Doctor in Educational Sciences. For 15 years he has been a teacher in Primary and Primary Education schools (Jaume Salvatella and Beethoven of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Llibertat de Badalona). In 2003, I started teaching in Higher Education as an associate professor of the Body Education Didactics Unit of the Department of Didactics of Musical, Plastic and Corporal Expression of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​where I am currently a teacher. Aggregate Interina. He has been the Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Physical Education and the Practicum Coordinator of the Teacher Training Degree in Infantile. He is currently the Coordinator of the Research Group on Education Psicomotiru, Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years and Coordinator of the specialty of Art, Body and Movement of the Master’s Degree in Research in Education.

Since 2005, I have been a member of the Training and Comprehensive Evaluation Network in University Teaching. His lines of research revolve around the development and evaluation of psychomotor professional competences, training assessment in Higher Education, the adaptation of psychomotricity in educational centers, theoretical-practical framework of psychomotor education, evaluation of the Curricular Project of the Center, relationship Between curriculum and psychomotor activity. I direct PhD theses, final Masters and Degree projects related to psychomotor activity. I coordinate and participate in different competitive R + D + i projects. I am the author of articles in magazines with an index of impact, professionalism, books and book chapters.




I’m psichomotricist, teacher of Pshisical Education, associate professor of the UAB and Technical Support to Research in the ARMIF Project of the UAB.

In the field of physical education, I was a member of the Court of the Competition of Oppositions in the body of teachers of Physical Education.

In the school field he has experience in public centers, both as a tutor for Infant Education and Primary Education. In parallel I have also exercised as a specialist in Physical Education and Psychomotricity. Currently he is part of the Initial Cycle and also participated in the Infant Education Cycle, he felt the gradual and progressive country of Psychomotricity for Physical Education.

Participation in the University-School relationship, I collaborated with the tutor of the Postgraduate Course on Psychomotor Development and also with the tutor of practices, together with co-tutoring groups of students at the subject: “Psichomotricity education in the early childhood education centers” of the Degree of Early Childhood Education on the UAB, with the objective of psychomotor sessions.

At the university level, since 2020 he has been teaching associate professor of assignments in the corporal and psychomotor ambit within the Degree of Early Childhood Education on the UAB.

Finally, due to the Research in Education, the first path will begin in 2014 when the University Master of Research in Education in the Art, Cos and Movement will go to the UAB. The meu TFM, tutoritzat by Maria Prat, called: “L’Educació Física des de l’Aprenentatge per Projectes: La visió del professorat”. Subsequently, in 2017, it will become part of the Project ARMIF directed by four universities (UAB, UdG, UVIC and UNIZAR) commitments to enhance the Initial Training Teachers of Early Childhood Education. 




I have a Degree and Doctorate in Psychology from the UAB. For 12 years I’ve been coordinating and directing a Municipal Nursery School. Since 1999 I have been a Associate Professor at the UAB and I really do my teaching at the Degree in Infant Education. I do counseling at nursery schools for the ICE of the UAB and my research has always focused on early childhood.

Some of my latest research projects are focused on psychomotor education where I highlight “The representation: from the experience to symbolization through art” published in the magazine Entre Líneas; “Can psychomotorism improve cognitive abilities in babies?” Posted in Aloma magazine; “The school we want from the psychomotor project we develop” published in the magazine Guix Infantil and “Different perceptive qualities for psychomotor activity” published in the journal American Journal of Educational Research. All this work has been consolidated in a book made jointly with other members and collaborators of the research group: “Psicomotricidad educativa: avanzar paso a paso” of Octaedro Editorial.




I am a Child Education Teacher (UAB), Psychomotricist (UAB), Psychopedagogue (UB) and University Master’s Degree in Education Research in the Specialty of Art, Body and Movement (UAB). Currently a doctoral student of the “Interuniversity Doctorate in Educational Psychology” program at the UAB on the corporeality of the Infant Education teachers.

In school I have worked as a teacher and psychomotorist in Early Childhood Education (first and second cycle), as a teacher in Primary Education (middle and upper cycle) and as a psychopedagogy from Early Childhood Education to Baccalaureate.

I am currently a Research Staff in Training (PIF) in the Department of Didactics of Musical, Plastic and Corporal Expression of the UAB. For 5 years I have been teaching in the Degree in Early Childhood Education (GEI), as a teacher of the subject “Psychomotor Education in the centers of Early Childhood Education” and of Practicum IV (first as associate and then as PIF). Previously, I have taught at the GHG of the UVIC teaching “Psychomotor Development” (2012-2013 academic year).

Since 2015 I coordinate the Postgraduate in “Psychomotor Development from 0 to 8 years of the UAB”, where I am also a tutor of students and I teach (seminars “Methodological Bases of Psychomotor Education” and “The game as an intervention tool in psychomotor skills”).

My lines of research are mainly directed to the formative and shared evaluation in Higher Education and, also, to the training of the teachers of early childhood education and of the psychomotricists with regard to their psychomotor professional competences and their training corporeal.

In the field of research, I want to emphasize that during the 2017-2018 academic year I was coordinator of the Physical Education area of ​​the International Multidisciplinary Congress on Education Research (CIMIE) of the Multidisciplinary Association of Educational Research (AMIE). And, also, I am part of the Formative and Shared Evaluation Network in Higher Education (REFYCES) which aims to innovate in university teaching through the development of action research cycles.




Infant Education Teacher (2010). Postgraduate in Psychomotor development from 0-8 years (2011), Master in Educational and Social Inclusion (2015) and University Master’s Degree in Education Research, specialty Art, Body and Movement (2016), all at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I am a associated lecturer with the UAB, following up on several Final Degree Projects of the Infant Education Degree related to the theme “the body in the school”.

My experience in the world of Education has been diverse. I have been a tutor to ordinary schools, I have been a teacher of six and I am currently a teacher in a Special Education school.




I have been a teacher of physical education and a psychomotor and have been carrying out this training since 2001. In 2011 I started working as an associate professor at the University of Barcelona (UB), and since 2017, I am as an associate professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

In addition, I am a pedagogue and doctor in Physical Activity, Physical Education and Sports. Between 2012 and 2014 I collaborated in the Research Group on Psychomotor Development at the UAB. Since 2014 I have been a member and I am a member of this UAB Psychomotor Education Research Group.

During this 2016-2017 academic year, I started to work in the Psychomotor Development Postgraduate course from 0 to 8 years and I teach classes at the Master’s in Research in Education: Art, Body and Movement.




I am a teacher of Early Childhood Education, Postgraduate in Psychomotor Development for the UAB.

My experience is like teacher in infant education in the 0-3 cycle and as a Psychomotor. Currently, I am the director of a municipal nursery school and I am currently teaching in the Degree in Infant Education at the UAB by teaching “Physical Education Didactics” and “Game and Movement” subjects and Practicums II and IV tutorials And TFG’s.




I’m a graduate in Physical Education from the University of Girona and a Psychomotor. Currently director and psychomotor at the Carlit school in Barcelona.

On the other hand I have the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychomotricity and Postgraduate in Psychomotor Therapy from the Ramon Llull University and the Master in Research in Education from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Currently, PhD student of 3rd year of the Doctorate in Education of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I collaborate and tutor the practices of the Diploma of specialization in Psychomotor activity of Ramon Llull and I am professor associate of Practicum II and III of the GEI of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.