MyPlace: MyMusic is a collaborative project between members of the ISME, ECME Commission which will culminate in a symposium at the 2010 ISME Conference in Beijing.
The aim of the project is to increase understanding of the types of everyday home-based musical activities in which seven-year-old children from internationally diverse locations are typically involved, their partners in those activities, the roles taken, for how long, where and with what resources.
The project is based on the rationale that everyday activities and interactions are key to development and that they cannot be understood without detailed reference to the individual children who are involved in them and the various contexts in which those activities are situated.

The principle of a collective and collaborative approach to research is central to the project. Each participant undertakes to contribute one set of data from their location. All the data will be combined and distributed to each participant in the project. Each participant thereby has access to a larger and more internationally diverse body of data than they would be able to achieve single-handedly. While some analysis will proceed along collaboratively agreed lines of enquiry, individual researchers will also have the opportunity to follow their own lines of interest. It is anticipated that the project will give rise to a quantity of individual and co-authored presentations and publications at both national and international levels.



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