Recent research on our group includes the development of an antimagnet for cloaking magnetic fields, the modelling of superconducting levitation systems with application in real maglev projects, the studies for optimizing magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents for MRI, or the search for strategies to increase critical current in superconductors by the interaction with ferromagnets.  Besides, the group has been participating in large projects such as the Supercable project for the development and construction of a superconducting cable, which represented a world record in current for a cable (3200 A) for the distribution of electricity. See below for a list of research lines.

Critical current and magnetic properties of coated conductors and superconducting thin films and bulks

Superconducting levitation and applications to Maglev technology

Demagnetizing effects in magnetic and superconducting materials

Cloaking of magnetic fields and dc metamaterials

Magnetic properties of superconductor-magnetic hybrid systems

Ferromagnetic nanoparticles and application to MRI

Micromagnetic simulation in ferromagnetic systems

Quantum magnetomechanics with levitating superconducting microspheres