TransMedia Catalonia conducts standardisation work in the following national and international agencies:

  • Focus group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility, ITU-UN (FG-AVA). Pilar Orero.
  • Intersector Rapporteur Group Audiovisual Media Accessibility (IRG-AVA). PIlar Orero.
  • AEN/CTN 153/GT1 “Lectura Fácil”. Pilar Orero and Anna Matamala. 
  • AENOR/CTN133/GT03 “Accesibilidad”. Pilar Orero and Anna Matamala.
  • ISO/IEC TC JTC1/SC 35 User interfaces. Working  groups 5 and 6. Pilar Orero and Anna Matamala.
  • Focus Group of Digital Currency, ITU-UN (FG DFC) Pilar Orero.
  • ITU- SG16. Pilar Orero.
  • ANEC. Accessibility. Pilar Orero.
  • W3C. Text time, Accessible platform Architecture, Framework for Accessible Specification Technologies (FAST). Pilar Orero, Estel·la Oncins, Belén Agulló.