TransMedia Catalonia International Meetings (TIM) are internal events in which the group’s present and future research is discussed. They normally feature an invited talk by an external speaker, presentations by group members, and a final discussion. Information about the previous TIMs can be found here.

TIM 14 – 18 November 2022

Invited speaker: Ottavia Carlino: “Real-time subtitling to facilitate doctor-patient communication: theoretical basis and possible applications”

Presentations by:

  • Marina Pujadas: “Easy audiovisual contents: how are they created?”
  • Estel·la Oncins: “Impact: It’s time to act: An online course to train digital accessibility mediators”
  • Marta Brescia Zapata: “VR 360º subtitles: Designing a test suite with eye-tracking technology.”
  • Anna Matamala: “ATHENA: bringing accessibility and design for all into higher education”

TMC research update and final discussion led by Anna Matamala.