To date there has been no reliable research conducted on consumers’ subjective reactions to, and preference for, different forms of live captioning in Canada, and this is limiting the ability to achieve progress on improving accessibility to broadcasting.
The mutual aim of broadcasters, caption providers, and the Captioning Consumer Advocacy Alliance (CCAA) organizations is to provide the best captioning possible; progress toward that goal will be aided greatly by a better understanding of how consumers evaluate captioning.
Primary Objective
To better understand subjective live captioning preferences across demographic profiles for cross-sector (i.e. different closed captioning user classes), in Canadian content to inform the development of products and services, thereby improving accessibility in broadcasting.
Some questions aimed to be answered during the project:
What are users’ general opinions about the quality and effectiveness of live captioning in Canada?
 What are the subjective user preferences for live closed-captioning, by user segments?
 How do users’ subjective preferences for live captioned programming vary, by user segment?
 How do users’ assessments of live-captioned programming vary, by user segment?
 How does caption usage influence users’ assessments and user preferences?
 What is the impact of genre on users’ assessments by different segments?


Contact Details:
Christie Christelis
Technology Strategies International Inc
Mobile: 905 617 3049