CFP: Quality training, quality service in accessible live events

The ACT/Unlimited! 2 Symposium on accessible live events (ACT Multiplier Event E1) will be the perfect forum to give voice not only to those who provide, fund or research accessibility at live events but also to those who enjoy and benefit from it as well as those providing accessibility training.  For this reason the second Unlimited! Symposium and ACT final conference invites contributions from researchers, practitioners, technicians, funders, policy-makers, trainers and users of accessibility services at all types of live events. The range of possible events is wide and includes ballet, opera, theatre, dance, circus, hybrid performances and sports among others.

The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Venue accessibility, both indoors and outdoors
  • Accessibility services: audio description, audio subtitling, subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, sign language interpreting, surtitling, audio introductions, vibrating chairs, Braille, touch tours, hearing loop, etc.
  • Easy reading at live events
  • Web accessibility for live events
  • Interlingual translation at live events
  • Accessibility planning, coordination and promotion at live events
  • User immersion in live events 
  • Technology and accessibility at live events
  • Professional experience
  • New (interdisciplinary) research methodologies for live events
  • Standardization and integral design
  • Multilingual delivery at live events
  • Business models for accessibility at live events
  • Quality of accessibility at live events. One of the central blocks of the ACT project is to discuss the possibility of integrating a quality label for accessibility in the scenic arts as a way forward for mainstreaming accessibility. For this reason contributions from relevant stakeholders on how providing a quality label can help expand accessibility in the scenic arts are especially welcome.

The conference will begin with a panel on the ACT project, followed by a selection of papers chosen through a peer-review process. The programme is available here.

Important deadlines

Abstract submission deadline: 15 October 2017. Abstract submission is now closed.

Notification of acceptance: 20 November 2017. Communication has been sent.

Early bird registration: before 15 February 2018.

Conference: 6 June 2018.