Based on the outcome of the Intellectual Output 2 (IO2), we designed the curriculum for a course to be considered in a second cycle university degree, which is named the Master in Accessibility Management for the Scenic Arts. The curriculum covers the competences required for both Accessibility Coordinator and Accessibility Manager.
The Master in Accessibility Management for the Scenic Arts will deliver professionals who combine in depth knowledge about the requirements for ensuring inclusive access to live events in the scenic arts, with the interpersonal, managerial and practical competences required to implement it. He/she will be able to assess the accessibility level of both the route to the venue(s) and of the venue(s) at which the event is to take place.
He/she will also be able to efficiently organise pre-performance and post event communication and content-related access as well as in performance accessibility services for all audiences. He/she will be able to apply his/her skills in different contexts, transferring the skills learnt in the MA to the quickly changing cultural scene and its many creative outputs.
The 120 ECTS degree will lead to the title of Accessibility Manager for the Scenic Arts, who can operate in many different types of environments and the shorter post-graduate programme will yield a degree in Accessibility Coordination for the Scenic Arts which will allow the holder to assess general access needs, and to organise access with his local team at a specific venue.
The latter’s training will basically cover the same competences but will not include research skills.
In addition, the modules in the MA curriculum have been designed with a view to their integration in existing MA programmes, should these wish to highlight specific access skills, for instance, within an MA in Cultural Studies, Theatre Studies, Translation and Interpreting or similar.
The final outcome was developed by the four university partners after 6 rounds of feedback, the timeline of which can be seen as below:
• 27 October 2016: the template of the curriculum corresponding to the skills cards all partners developed in IO2 was circulate for all partners to fill in.
• 11 November 2016: an updated version of the template was sent to all partners.
• 30 November 2016: all partners have finished their input in the template.
• 9 December 2016: based on the contents of the template filled in by partners, University of Vienna developed the 1st draft of the curriculum design and sent it off for partners to comment.
• 18 December 2016: University of Vienna implemented the suggestions from all partners and sent off the final draft for validation.
• 20 December 2016: the final draft was validated by all partners.
Read the MA curriculum and the appendix with suggested teaching methods and starter bibliography.