Who we are

NTGent is a producing Theatre Company in the city of Ghent, Belgium. It is an organisation that is subsidized by the Flemish Government, the government of East-Flanders and the City Council of Ghent. It counts 12 actors (male/female) and about 80 people surrounding them in all kinds of tasks. NTGent (which stands for Dutch ‘Nederlands’ Theatre Gent) produces itself about 6 new plays/performances each year. The plays are presented in the Royal Dutch Theatre, a building in the heart of the City of Ghent, owned by the city government. Next to that, the productions tour in Flanders, The Netherlands and further abroad in Europe, occasionally at Theatre Festivals. It is led by a general manager and an artistic manager. Most of the time, the plays produced are textual theatre, but the productions try to implement other art forms, such as dance, music, singing.
NTGent tries to attract a very diversified audience, with a keen eye on inclusion.
The department of education and public mediation tries to open up each spectacle that is set up to a broad audience, next to introducing all kinds of people to the building itself, the theatre group and acting. (e.g. via guided tours, workshops, etc.) Much work is dedicated to people who are vulnerable on a social level, either through a physical handicap or a sociological one. With an average of 700 activities and 14000 people attending, the department of education and public mediation succeeds in its goals to bring people to the theatre and vice versa.

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Dirk Crommelinck
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