Sergio Baena Mirabete

Investigador pre-doctoral

  • Baena-Mirabete, S.; Puig, P. (2020)
    Computing probabilities of integer-valued random variables by recurrence relations
    Statistics & Probability Letters, 161, 108719.
  • Baena-Mirabete, S.; Anna Espinal; Puig, P. (2020)
    Exploring the randomness of mentally generated head–tail sequences
    Statistical Modelling, 20:3, p. 225-248
  • Baena-Mirabete S. and Puig P. (2018)
    Parsimonious higher order Markov models for rating transitions
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A, 181:1, p. 107-131.
    DOI: 10.1111/rssa.12267