The Advanced Stochastic Modelling group aims to channel its expertise in the field of Data Analytics and Machine Learning, offering solutions to the challenges that any company may have with data intensively generated.

Consulting in this area requires the combination of different disciplines and technical capabilities including mathematical modelling, data analysis and computing elements. In this sense, the Advanced Stochastic Modelling KT will maintain synergies with other departments, institutes and centers of the University and the UAB Esfera, with the broad concept of Data Science and Machine Learning as a link of union with the aim of provide more global and transversal solutions, and take on complex projects that combine formal and applied aspects.

Different centers, institutes and departments of the University that carry out research and other activities around these areas and collaborate with the Advanced Stochastic Modelling Group:

  • Department of Mathematics of the UAB
  • Center for Mathematical Research
  • Computer Vision Center
  • Port of Scientific Information of the IFAE
  • Center for Research in Ecology and Forestry Applications
  • Applied Statistics Service
  • Department of Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Department of Information and Communications Engineering

The objective of Advanced Stochastical Modelling KT is to offer services exclusively to companies in the fields of computing and data analytics: Deep Learning, NLP, Bayesian Analysis, Advanced Biostatistics, Big Data Analytics Big Data Storage, Extreme Value Theory and Risk Management in the following activities:

  • Transfer of knowledge and technology: Promoting access to cutting-edge technology, equipment and methodology developed by our research groups.
  • Knowledge development and innovation: Providing new knowledge in creating and implementing innovation in business activities.
  • Technical training: Specialized training on demand in analytical tools and methods. The design of each course could be personalized taking into account the customer needs (for example, based on the methodology and statistical techniques common in their field).
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  • Collaborative Research: Cooperation between business organizations and academic institutions in strategic R&D projects, accessing public sector funding.

Scientific and technical equipment
Statistical Software: R, Python, Stata and SAS
Mathematical manipulation software: Maple, Matlab, Sage, Wxmaxima
Own servers


For more information about Cosulting and Training services of the KTT unit contact with us by e-mail, or throught the following link: Link to consulting form

Ester Boixadera
Oliver Valero