I am a scientific consultant, specialised in applications of mathematics.
This is my page as a professor in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Please see my full profile in LinkedIn. If you are interested in hiring our consulting services or in partnerships, please visit the Mathematical Consulting Service webpage or contact me by e-mail.

Professional statement

My personal mission is to contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology from the scientific research environments to the industry, in the field of mathematical modelling.

Mathematics is an enabling technology, since it provides a logical framework and a universal language for the analysis, optimization and control of industrial processes and products. Companies that properly exploit mathematics can rapidly take a solid advantage over their competitors.

Mathematics, as an academic discipline, has undergone an intense and successful activity in the last decades, but its application in the industrial context has fallen clearly behind. Recently, a new culture in the relation between innovative industries and academic researchers in mathematics is arising, as mathematical modelling is constantly proving its power to contribute the goal of any enterprise: Increase the benefits.
Modelling, Computing and Simulation are the three keywords of the business.

Specialities: My personal speciality is the modelling of random phenomena, and optimization under uncertainty conditions. My team GRAMM, as a whole, embraces a much wider spectrum of mathematical knowledge.

Personal statement

Most probably you are not interested in my personal opinions about non-scientific matters. But if you are, you can visit my Twitter account.