Political Translation

Translation is currently seen as a key social process in our highly interconnected societies, whether in the transmission of texts, of ideas or of policy across linguistic divides. This research project brings together different approaches to the politics of translation in a number of disciplines, including sociology, translation studies, social anthropology, legal studies and policy studies, in order to elaborate a new conceptualisation that is suitable for interdisciplinary research in the social sciences. It empirically investigates the politics of language and translation in research and publishing in the social sciences and the humanities in the context of the dominance of English as academic lingua franca. Specific attention is paid to translation practices and their agents in the semi-periphery of the international academic field, particularly Spain.

Research team: Oriol Barranco, Carmen Bestué, Esperança Bielsa (PI), Mattea Cussel, Dionysios Kapsaskis, Judith Raigal. 

Project dates: from 01/06/2020 to 29/02/2024. Funder: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.