14 Noviembre, 2019


Spanish citizens know a median of 536 people each, although the number varies widely between individuals, from a few dozens up to almost 6,000. The research presented in this article shows that factors such as age, gender, education and income influence the number of acquaintances we have. Furthermore, having more acquaintances can help people receive types of support that we usually relate with our closest ties.

The dissemination text that Observatorio la Caixa published on the basis of the academic article can be found here

Also, some videos that circulate in the press can be found here and here

The original academic article published in the journal Social Networks can be found here!


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Miranda also participated in radio interviews with Aragon Radio (14/11) and Radio Autónomo Canarias (15/11), as well as in interviews with Telecinco and Televisión Española (13/11/2019).