International “Winter Course,” Personal Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications in Barcelona (2 ECTS*)

 @SCEgolab    #PNAUAB23

Academic Code: 2287/12

When: February 6-10, 2023

Where: Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain: From Monday to Friday: “Sala de Juntes” Faculty of Arts/Faculty of Psychology.(Facultat de Lletres). 

Lecturers (this list may change): Christopher McCarty (University of Florida), Bernie Hogan (University of Oxford), Jürgen Lerner (University of Konstanz), Miranda Lubbers (Autonomous University of Barcelona), José Luis Molina (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Raffaele Vacca (University of Milan), among others.

Registration deadline: January-30, 2023.

Enrollment deadline: February-6, 2023.