Welcome to the website of the getp-GRAFO research team, which is part of the Fundamental and Oriented Anthropology Research Group (GRAFO), recognized by the University and Research Grants Management Agency (AGAUR) of Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the UAB.

The team focuses on analyzing the content and variability of kinship relationships from a transcultural perspective, which allows a better understanding of the diversity of values ​​and practices linked to the different sociocultural models of procreation and parenting. An analysis oriented from the methodological and theoretical criticism and from the reflection on the ethnographic data obtained in the field research.

It is currently coordinated by Dra. Anna Piella Vila and Dr. Jordi Grau Rebollo.


Since its creation in 1994, by Dra. Aurora González Echevarría, one of her main objectives has been to contribute to the theoretical foundation of Anthropology, developing an analytical and transcultural proposal in the domain of Kinship Anthropology that has as specific content ideas regarding the formation of the person, reproductive sexuality, the care and upbringing of children, the different groups involved and the relationships that develop throughout life.