Alexander the Great, ‘the end of an era and the begging of a New age in World History’ (quoting Droysen), is a well know character, and even then, also a shadow one. Over the years and centuries, many cultures and times have reviewed Alexander and his comrades (Greeks, Macedonians…) with the aim of challenging their own perception of the world. Alexander, the model of almost any empire since his death, has been usually quoted, romantiziced, critizised, revisited and even, sometimes, missunderstood.

Likewise, with a friendly or hostile approach, Alexander the Great is one of the main inmaterial heritage shared by almost the whole Humanity. Alexander died in 323 BC. 2023 is not the real centenary, but although a fake one, it is a great chance to gather ideas and share the joy to learn, think and discuss, from history to art, from academy to the streets, from scholars to citizens and human beings worldwide.

After years of pain and worries, time to cellebrate together may come.

2023 allows us to recover the aim of launching a commemorative cellebration worldwide of what some colleagues (and myself) have call ‘Year Alexander 2023’, with a lot of events to be announced soon (you can find the News through this web!)

Dr. B. Antela-Bernárdez

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona



Other Activities

The Great Alexander’s MEME Tournament