Welcome to the website of the Research Group on Immigration, Mixedness, and Social Cohesion (INMIX), officially recognized as a Consolidated Research Group (2021SGR-00181) by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR), Catalan Government, a competitive recognition that aims to support top-notch research groups in all fields of knowledge.   

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¡Release of the documentary MIXED VOICES / VOCES MIXTAS !

Youtube Link:  https://youtu.be/RYHKCaERcFs

This topical short documentary, produced by the INMIX-UAB (Research Group on Immigration, Mixedness, and Social Cohesion), features interviews with multiethnic and multiracial youth living in Catalonia, Spain, who talk about their mixed heritage and its meaning for them, their identity and sense of belonging, and their experiences of discrimination and agency. Through these narratives, MIXED VOICES reveals that the positive, empowering experiences of mixedness—a growing reality in Spain as well as across the globe—can coexist with negative stereotypes and prejudices and the continued stigmatization and discrimination of racialized groups, who are more constrained in their identity options. In this way, the documentary highlights the socially transformative aspects of mixedness while alerting us to persistent social divisions that hinder social inclusion and cohesion. 

For more information about the documentary, click on “Show more” under the Youtube video screen.