11th to 22nd of January

Film series: “Identidades cruzadas: chinos de película”. There will be a presentation of the films and colloquium led by InterAsia researchers.

  • 11th of January at 18:30: Zhao, Susana Gozalvo, 2008. Presentation of the series by Irene Masdeu. Presentation of the film and colloquium by the film’s author, Susana Gozalvo.
  • 12th of January at 21:30: La Fuente Amarilla, Miguel Santesmases, 1999.
  • 18th of January at 18:30: Huidas, Mercedes Gaspar, 2014. Presentation and colloquium by the film’s authors Mercedes Gaspar and Xavier Ortells.
  • 19th of January at 21:30: ¡Dame un poco de amooor…! José María Forqué, 1968.


5th of May

Permanent Research Seminar & East Asian Tribune: Tell the Prime Minister, documentary screening and debate with its director Eiji Oguma, Keio University, Japan.


28th of April to 19th of May

Series “La Xina contemporània en la producció audiovisual realitzada a Catalunya”, screening and debate of the shorts and documentaries.


11th of December

Permanent Research Seminar & East Asian Tribune. Screening and debate with Martín Aletta (filmmaker and actor):

  • Ojos Abiertos (short, dir. Martín Aletta, 2013)
  • Ishinomaki Rock ‘n Roll City (documentary short, dir. Federico Aletta, 2011).

15th and 16th of October

Permanent Research Seminar & East Asian Tribune. Conference and screenings by Chinese filmmaker Shu Haolun.

  • 15th October: Nostalgia 乡愁 (70 minutes, 2006).
  • 16th October: No. 89 Shimen Road 黑白照片 (85 minutes, 2010). Conference: Chinese Independent Cinema.

19th of March

Permanent Research Seminar & East Asian Tribune. Screening of the documentary Ainu. Caminos a la memoria (2013) and debate with its producers: Marcos Centeno Martín and Almudena García Navarro.