Project title: SGR- C.I.E.N recognised as a Consolidated Research Group

PI: Melissa Moyer

Team members:  Eva Codó, María Rosa Garrido, Gema Rubio Carbonero, Massimiliano Sassi, Andrea Sunyol

Funding body: Generalitat de Catalunya- AGAUR (SGR 2014 1508)

Summary of the project:

The key research objectives of the CIEN Team within this project are:

  1. To maintain and try to increase the dissemination of the research results in international peer reviewed publications (both monographs, articles and special journal issues). 
  2. To maintain the group’s participation in major international and national meetings related to the group’s area of research. 
  3. To incorporate new members to the SGR group who are established national and international researchers who hold a PhD as well as young scholars who are pursuing a postgraduate degree (MA and PhD).
  4. To apply for a new research project from the Plan Nacional de Investigación, MINECO after the 2011 project ends. We will be requesting an extra year extension so we expect to apply  again for the 2016 call.
  5. To organize a small international seminar in 2015 with scholars doing cutting edge research on themes similar to those of the CIEN Research Team. 
  6. To produce a peer reviewed publication (monograph or a special journal issue) as an outcome of this seminar. Possible journals that we would consider are The Journal of Sociolinguistics, Language and Society, Journal of Pragmatics, Multilingua.
  7. To improve the application of  knowledge generated in the project to the social reality of Catalonia and Spain. Knowledge about multilingualism can be transferred into teaching materials but also the information  is relevant for implementing language policies and practices in public and private institutions.
  8. To promote greater interdisciplinary collaboration with scholars from English Philology working in the area of culture.
  9. To partially fund a post-doc position for a young scholar who would participate in the CIEN team’s research. Additional funds would be applied for from other public sources.
  10. To help fund three visiting scholars who undertake cutting edge research on language and mobility.