Report on Research Meeting, 03-05-2010.
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Report on Research Meeting, 19-05-2010.
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The Radein Initiative: Some Directions in Research on Multilingualism
Motivated by their concern for the future of multilingual research, nine European scholars met in the village of Radein, a historic retreat for small groups in the Dolomites, in September 2010 in order to identify challenging issues and to propose active steps by which sustained and advanced research in the field might be progressed. The Initiative stems from a keen awareness of the significance of multilingualism in contemporary society and of the need to respond to the social, cultural and linguistic realities called forth by global market forces and subsequent mobility of people. Their discussions have led to this draft document on new directions in multilingualism research, with the aim of initiating a wider debate about future directions.  The purpose is to engage the participation of colleagues who carry out research on multilingualism from different disciplinary perspectives.

Document Draft Radein Initiative