The Economic Geography Research Group was created in 1993 and during all these years it has developed research on several fields of Economic Geography. The following list is a summary of the different research interest the Group has:

1. industry and service location factors,

2. location theory,

3. knowledge economy and innovative cities,

4. gender and economic development,

5. air transport,

6. biodiversity and climate change,

7. mobility justice, especially walking and cycling,

8. quality of life and urban planning,

9. teleworking and the working space,

10. local development, rural development,

11. GIS and wildfires,

12. urban public spaces and retailing,

13. synthetic territorial approaches,

14. rural and local development and Natural Protected Areas,

15. rural development and renewable energies,

16. social farming.

The Economic Geography Research Group aims to foster research and its dissemination in economic geography. Economic Geography members participate and organize meetings, develop contacts and cooperation among geographers, economists and other social scientists, and promote the publication of research