The Spanish Political Attitudes Panel Dataset, also known as the POLAT Panel, is an original database developed by the Democracy, Elections & Citizenship research group to measure and explain changes in individuals’ political attitudes and behaviors. The dataset is particularly advantageous as it employs a panel structure, thus enabling the precise measurement of intra-individual attitudinal change over time. To date, a rich body of data corresponding to the first six waves of the panel has been published and can be downloaded.

Hernández Pérez, E., Galais Gonzàlez, C., Rico, G., Muñoz, J., Hierro, M. J., Pannico, R., Barbet, B., Marinova, D., & Anduiza Perea, E. (2021). POLAT Project. Spanish Political Attitudes Panel Dataset (Waves 1-6).

These waves were fielded between 2010 and 2014, thereby spanning a particularly tumultuous period in Spain marked by an economic crisis, political scandals, and widespread civil unrest. As such, this publicly available data allows interested researchers to explore changes taking place while major events were occurring—such as the eurozone crisis, the 15-M Movement, the Gürtel case, or ETA’s disbanding declaration. The first four waves of the panel were carried out in collaboration with the CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas). The panel is still ongoing with support from different projects financed by the Agencia Española de Investigación and Icrea. The next release of data is currently under preparation and will include waves 7 to 10.