List of our publications by year


Do they feel like they don’t matter? The rural-urban divide in external political efficacy
Rubén García del Horno, Guillem Rico and Enrique Hernández 2023, West European Politics

The (null) effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on European’s attitudes towards democracy
Enrique Hernández and Macarena Ares 2023, Research & Politics.

Populist radical right-wing parties and the assault on political correctness: The impact of Vox in Spain
Carol Galais and Juan Pérez-Rajó 2023, International Political Science Review.

‘It’s a match!’: a discrete choice experiment on job attractiveness for public service jobs
Guillem Ripoll, Xavier Ballart, Enrique Hernández and Wouter Vandenabeele 2023, Public Management Review.

I want to believe: The relationship between conspirational beliefs and populist attitudes in Spain
Marc Guinjoan and Carol Galais 2023, Electoral Studies.

Public discourse and debate about vaccines in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic: A qualitative content analysis of Twitter
Enrique Prada, Andrea Langbecker and Daniel Catalan-Matamoros 2023, Vaccine.


Bringing Critical Social Psychology to the Study of Political Polarization
Daniel Balinhas 2022, Social and Personality Psychology Compass.

Survey Data and Methods for the Study of Political Participation
Eva Anduiza and Raül Tormos 2022, Oxford Handbook of Political ParticipationOxford: Oxford University Press.

Sexism and the Far-Right Vote: The Individual Dynamics of Gender Backlash
Eva Anduiza and Guillem Rico 2022, American Journal of Political Science.

The Personality Divide Between Citizens and Politicians: The Case of the Four Largest Spanish Parties
Carol Galais and Xavier Coller 2022, Parliamentary Affairs.

Are Highly Public Service–Motivated Individuals Immune to Common Causes of Unethical Behavior? Calibrating the Moderating Role of Group Pressure and Competition for Economic Resources
Guilem Ripoll, Enrique Hernández and Xavier Ballart 2022, Public Performance & Management Review.

Do they really care? Social desirability bias in attitudes towards corruption
Sofia Breitenstein, Eva Anduiza, and Jordi Muñoz 2022, Research & Politics

Evaluating the Unequal Economy:  Poverty Risks, Economic Indicators, and the Perception Gap
Timothy Hellwig and Dani M Marinova 2022, Political Research Quarterly.

The Ideological Slant of COVID-19-Related Conspiracies. A New Niche for the Far-Right?
Carol Galais and Marc Guimjoan 2022, Journal of Representative Democracy.

On time and meaningful partisanship: Stability, strenght, and sway of attachment to new parties
Roberto Pannico and Eva Anduiza 2022, Party Politics.

The long-lasting effects of citizenship education
Enrique Hernández and Carol Galais 2022, West European Politics.


Citizens’ duties across generations
André Blais, Carol Galais, and Danielle Mayer 2021, Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.

Testing the input-process-output model of public participation
Carol Galais, José Luis Fernández Martínez, Joan Font and Graham Smith 2021, European Journal of Political Research.

Issue politicization and social class: How the electoral supply activates class divides in political preferences
Macarena Ares 2021, European Journal of Political Research .

Institutional Performance and Party Cues: Their Influence on Individual Geopolitical Preferences. The Case of Moldova (2012-2019)
Ángel Torres-Adán 2021, Problems of Post-Communism .

Class and social policy in the knowledge economy
Silja Häusermann, Michael Pinggera i Macarena Ares 2021, European Journal of Political Research

Attitudinal polarization towards the redistributive role of the state in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis
Macarena Ares, Reto Bürgisser i Silja Häusermann 2021, Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.

Still winners and losers? Studying public opinion’s geopolitical preferences in the association agreement countries (Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine)
Ángel Torres-Adán 2021, Post-Soviet Affairs.

The crown: a survey about the Spanish monarchy
Enrique Hernández, Margarita Torre i Antoni-Italo De Moragas 2021, Political reserch exchange.

An unjustified bad reputation? The Dark Triad and support for populism
Carol Galais i Guillem Rico 2021, Electoral Studies.

The Personality of MPs and Citizens: Differentiation and Congruence
Carol Galais, 2021, Politicians in Hard Times. Spanish and South European MPs Facing Citizens after the Great Recession.

Preferences for consensus and majoritarian democracy: long- and short-term influences
Mónica Ferrin i Enrique Hernández, 2021, European Political Science Review.


The Spanish Electoral System
Agustí Bosch, 2020, The Oxford Handbook of Spanish Politics

Testing the input‐process‐output model of public participation
Carol Galais, Jose Luis Fernández-Martínez, Joan Font, Graham Smith, 2020, European Journal of Political Research.

Working poverty, nonstandard employment and political inclusion
Dani Marinova, 2020, West European Politics.

Electoral accountability, clarity of responsibility and labor market policy
Dani Marinova, 2020, Electoral Studies.

Affective polarization and the salience of elections
Enrique Hernández, Eva Anduiza i Guillem Rico, 2020, Electoral Studies.

The impact of EU institutional advertising on public support for European integration
Enrique Hernández i Roberto Pannico, 2020, European Union Politics.

Inferring party positions across issue dimensions
Robert Liñeira, Jordi Muñoz i Guillem Rico, 2020, Party Politics.

The policy mood in Spain: the thermostat in a warm climate, 1978–2017
John Bartle, Agustí Bosch i Lluís Orriols, 2020, European Political Science Review.

Nobody seems to be fully representing me: Differential inter-attitudinal cohesion systems and their effects on satisfaction with the political system
Berta Barbet 2020, Electoral Studies.


Candidate Authenticity: ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’
Dieter Stiers, Jac Larner, John Kenny, Sofia Breitenstein, Florence Vallée-Dubois, Michael Lewis-Beck 2019, Political Behavior.

Democracy belief systems in Europe: cognitive availability and attitudinal constraint
Enrique Hernández 2019, European Political Science Review.

Is There a Gender Gap in the Sense of Duty to Vote?
Carol Galais and André Blais 2019, Societies.

The effects of regional attachment on ideological self-placement: a comparative approach
Carol Galais and Ivan Serrano 2019, Comparative European Politics.

Unexpected Event during Survey Design: Promise and Pitfalls for Causal Inference
Jordi Muñoz, Albert Falcó-Gimeno and Enrique Hernández 2019, Political Analysis.

Nested or exclusive? The role of identities on blame attribution during the Great Recession
Marc Guinjoan and Sandra Bermúdez 2019, Nations and nationalism.

Social Welfare Policy Outputs and Governing Parties’ Left-Right Images: Do Voters Respond?
James Adams, Luca Bernardi and Christopher Wlezien 2019, The Journal of Politics.

‘If a fight starts, watch the crowd’: The effect of violence on popular support for social movements
Jordi Muñoz, Eva Anduiza 2019, Journal of Peace Research.

Choosing the crook: A conjoint experiment on voting for corrupt politicians
Sofia Breitenstein 2019, Research & Politics.

Party system dimensionality and perceived quality of representation
Holger Reinermann, Berta Barbet 2019, Party Politics.

Changing the issues of the electoral arena: do parties and voters move together?
Berta Barbet 2019, Comparative European Politics.


How Perceptions of Inequality Between Countries Diminish Trust in the European Union: Experimental and Observational Evidence
Marc Guinjoan Guillem Rico 2018, Political Psychology.

Economic crisis and support for progressive taxation in Europe
Jordi Garcia-Muniesa 2018, European Societies.

¿Gestión pública, privada o por el tercer sector? Diferencias en los resultados en atención primaria de Cataluña
Xavier Ballart and Carolina Galais. 2018, Atención Primaria.

Public or nonprofit? Career preferences and dimensions of public service motivation
Xavier Ballart and Guillem Rico. 2018, Public Administration.

Is Facebook Eroding the Public Agenda? Evidence From Survey and Web-Tracking Data
Ana S Cardenal, Carol Galais and Silvia Majó-Vázquez. 2018, International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

Cherry‐picking participation: Explaining the fate of proposals from participatory processes
Joan Font, Graham Smith, Carol Galais and Pau Alarcon. 2018, European Journal of Political Research.

How to Make Dutiful Citizens and Influence Turnout: the Effects of Family and School Dynamics on the Duty to Vote
Carol Galais. 2018, Canadian Journal of Political Science.

Evaluations of the quality of the representative channel and unequal participation
Enrique Hernández and Macarena Ares. 2018, Comparative European Politics.

Governing Coalition Partners’ Images Shift in Parallel, but do not Converge
Luca Bernardi, James Adams 2018, The Journal of Politics.

A Problem with Empirical Studies of Party Policy Shifts: Alternative Measures of Party Shifts are Uncorrelated
James Adams, Luca Bernardi, Lawrence Ezrow, Oakley B. Gordon, Tzu-Ping Liu, M. Christine Phillips 2018, European Journal of Political Research.

Economic crisis and national attitudes: experimental evidence from Spain
Maria José Hierro and Guillem Rico. 2018, Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Mind the Protest Gap: The Role of Resources in the Face of Economic Hardship
Toni Rodon and Marc Guinjoan. 2018, PS: Political Science & Politics.

The short-term and long-term effects of institutional reforms on party system nationalization
Pablo Simón and Marc Guinjoan. 2018, Comparative European Politics.

Conflict frames and emotional reactions: a story about the Spanish Indignados
Carol Galais, 2018, Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.

The effect of social pressure from family and friends on turnout
André Blais, Carol Galais, Maxime Coulombe, 2018, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

When Bad News is Good News: Information Acquisition in Times of Economic Crisis
Dani M. Marinova, Eva Anduiza 2018, Political Behavior.

Policy Responsiveness and Electoral Incentives: A (Re)assessment
Luca Bernardi 2018, Political Behavior.

From popularity to vulnerability: An application to dynamic representation in coalition governments
Luca Bernardi 2018, Party Politics.

Democratic discontent and support for mainstream and challenger parties: Democratic protest voting
Enrique Hernández 2018, European Union Politics.

When the context matters: Identity, secession and the spatial dimension in Catalonia
Toni Rodon, Marc Guinjoan 2018, Political Geography.


The Emotional Underpinnings of Populism: How Anger and Fear Affect Populist Attitudes
Guillem Rico, Marc Guinjoan, Eva Anduiza 2017, Swiss Political Science Review.

Economic correlates of populist attitudes: an analysis of nine european countries in the aftermath of the great recession
Guillem Rico, Eva Anduiza 2017, Acta Publica.

Does Government Support Respond to Governments’ Social Welfare Rhetoric or their Spending? An Analysis of Government Support in Britain, Spain and the United States
Luca Bernardi, James Adams 2017, British Journal of Political Science.

How does economic crisis impel emerging parties on the road to elections? The case of the Spanish Podemos and Ciudadanos
Agustí Bosch, Iván M Duran 2017, Party Politics.

The corrosive effect of corruption on trust in politicians: Evidence from a natural experiment
Macarena Ares and Enrique Hernández 2017, Research and Politics.

When David and Goliath campaign online: The effects of digital media use during electoral campaigns on vote for small parties
Carol Galais, Ana S Cardenal 2017, Journal of Information Technology & Politics .

Pass the Buck If You Can: How Partisan Competition Triggers Attribution Bias in Multilevel Democracies
Guillem Rico Robert Liñeira 2017, Political Behavior.

Half a Loaf Is (Not) Better than None: How Austerity-Related Grievances and Emotions Triggered Protests in Spain
Carol Galais and Jasmine Lorenzini 2017, Mobilization: An International Quarterly.

Turnout and social fractionalisation
Ignacio Lago, Sandra Bermúdez, Marc Guinjoan, Pablo Simón 2017, Politics.

Is the European Union too complicated? Citizens’ lack of information and party cue effectiveness
Roberto Pannico 2017, European Union Politics.


Coping with Complexity. How Voters Adapt to Unstable Parties
Dani M Marinova 2016, ECPR Press.

The Visibility of the EU in the National Public Spheres in Times of Crisis and Austerity
Sabina Monza and Eva Anduiza (2016), Politics & Policy, 44(3): 499-524.

Types of Economic Voting in Regional Elections: The 2012 Catalan Election as a Motivating Case
Bosch, A. (2016), Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 26(1), 115-134.

On the use of Crowdsourcing Labor Markets in Research
Dani M Marinova 2016, Perspectives on Politics, 4(2): 422-431.

Social Media Accounts of the Spanish Indignados
Camilo Cristancho and Eva Anduiza 2016, in Bruns, Enli, Skogerbo, Larsson and Christensen (eds), The Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics. Routledge.


More Misinformed than Myopic: Economic Retrospections and the Voter’s Time Horizon
Timothy Hellwig and Dani M. Marinova, 2015, Political Behavior

A Tale of Two Crises: Contentious Responses to Austerity Policy in Spain
Camilo Cristancho 2015, in Giugni and Grasso (eds), Austerity and Protest. Popular Contention in Times of Economic Crisis. ASHGATE.

Social Media in the Mobilisation of Anti-Austerity Protest
Camilo Cristancho 2015, in Social Protests and Democratic Responsiveness: Assessing realities in Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union. EU-LAC Foundation


Youth political involvement update: measuring the role of cause-oriented political interest in young people’s activism
Roger Soler-i-Martí 2014. Journal of Youth Studies

Ballot Structure and Satisfaction with Democracy
Bosch, A. and Orriols, Ll. (2014),  Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 24(4), 493 -511.

La economía y las elecciones del 25N
Bosch, A. (2014), in Rodon, T. and Orriols, Ll. (eds) Cataluña en la encrucijada. Madrid: Marcial Pons.

Technology and Politics in Context
Michael j. Jensen, Eva Anduiza 2014. The World Financial Review, March-April 2014.

Empowering cuts? Austerity policies and political involvement in Spain
Jordi Muñoz, Eva Anduiza, Guillem Rico 2014,  in  Kumlin and Stadelmann-Steffen (eds), How Welfare States Shape The Democratic Public. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Elecciones generales 2011
Anduiza, E; Bosch, A; Orriols, Ll; y Rico, G. (eds) (2014) Colección Elecciones 4. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

¿Qué hubiera pasado si…? El 20N con otros sistemas electorales
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Immigration and Electoral Change in Mainstream Political Space
Sergi Pardos-Prado, Bram Lancee and Iñaki Sagarzazu (forthcoming) Political Behavior

The Correspondence between the Objective and the Subjective Economies: the Role of Personal Economic Circumstances
Marta Fraile and Sergi Pardos-Prado (forthcoming) , Political Studies

Reading the riots: What were the Police doing on Twitter
Procter, R., Crump, J., Karstedt, S, Voss, A. and Cantijoch, M. 2013. Policing and Society, An International  Journal of Research and Policy. Online access before print.

Mobilization through online social networks: the political protest of the indignados in Spain
Anduiza, Eva, Camilo Cristancho & Jose Manuel Sabucedo 2013. Information, Communication & Society.

Turning a blind eye: Experimental evidence of partisan bias in attitudes towards corruption
Anduiza, Eva, Aina Gallego & Jordi Muñoz 2013. Comparative Political Studies, 46(12): 1664-1692.

Conceptualizing and measuring participation in the age of the internet: is online political engagement really different to offline?
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Group Conflict Theory in a Longitudinal Perspective: Analysing the Dynamic Side of Ethnic Competition
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