27 October, 2015

November 26 and 27 first public meeting of CAIRE a platform to defend and promote artistic research in Catalonia

The I Forum Barcelona Artistic Research (FARB) begins its journey with a two-days meeting of debate and discussion organized as part of the activities by the cluster Caire (caire.community), which aims  to contribute to the recognition of artistic research as a way to produce new knowledge about the world, to develop joint work lines between its members, to give advice on public policies for artistic R+D and to create new dissemination channels for artistic research. This first FARB has three objectives. First, in the session entitled What is at stake? Strategies to defend Artistic Research, it will be debated about which are the main obstacles for artistic research, especially among us, and which are the best strategies to defend it against those who ignore or discredit it. Second, the session Fostering Artistic Research, will be focused on the problems of promotion and dissemination of artistic research. And third, in two sessions on Topics in Artistic Research a discussion with several artists about their projects related to Time and Future will be implemented.

Link: https://esteticauab.org/actividades.html