The chosen approach

HBB4ALL’s target is to foster wider availability of accessible media offerings to everybody. The project aims at making cross-platform production and distribution of accessibility features more cost-efficient and yet more flexible to use, and also easier to use. This is to the benefit of the users but also to broadcasters and media producers. It will also help administrations to define feasible accessibility guidelines and laws.

To ensure proper impact, the project approach is designed to build upon established and upcoming standards. The partners are striving for the HBB4ALL realistic service implementations that can be publicly rolled out for the operational phase of the project. Involving all entities along the value chain is crucial – this includes media production, broadcasters, accessibility and technology experts, as well as organizations working directly with users.

The project will examine the delivery of TV content to PC, tablet, smartphone and TV’s with an array of communication solutions such as subtitling, audio description, clean audio, and many customizable features. Multiple EU languages, large and small, sign language, and language situation – monolingual, bilingual – will be taken into consideration as well as the three translation modes: dubbing, subtitling, and voice-over.