The HBB4ALL public deliverables are available to give a report on the project evolution during 2014.

The deliverables describe the progress of the different project axes, after one year of launch and collaborative work. Those various reports concern technical development, communication plan, coordination, events activity and the 4 pilots state of progress: Pilot APilot BPilot C and Pilot D.

The table below contains the main public deliverables per year.



Accessibility guidelines


D2.3.3- Final Common Technical Components report 2016

D2.4.4- Dissemination Activities and Advisory Board Conclusions M25-M36

D2.6.2- Final Quality Metrics for TV access

D3.3- Pilot-A Evaluation and Recommendations

D4.4- Pilot-B Evaluation and Recommendations

D5.4- Pilot-C Evaluation and Recommendations

D6.4- Pilot-D Evaluation and Recommendations


D2.3.2- Common Technical Components II

D2.4.3- Dissemination Activities and Advisory Board Conclusions

D3.2- Pilot-A Solution Integration and Trials 2015

D4.2- Pilot-B Solution Integration and Trials 2015

D5.2- Pilot-C Solution Integration and Trials 2015

D6.2- Pilot-D Solution Integration and Trials 2015


D2.2.1- Cross-pilot coordination initial plan – 2014

D2.2.2- Cross-pilot coordination year 2014

D2.3.1- Common Technical Components

D2.4.1- Dissemination Plan

D2.4.2- Dissemination Activities and Advisory Board conclusions Month 1 to Month 12 – 2014

D2.6.1- Quality Metrics for TV access progress – 2014

D3.1- Pilot-A Progress report

D4.1- Pilot-B Progress report

D5.1- Pilot-C Progress report

D6.1- Pilot-D Progress report