LogiSim: Modeling and Simulation of Logistics Systems is devoted to Research and Development of new modeling and optimization methodologies to improve decision making in Logistics and Production systems. Nowadays these systems have been endowed with new mechanism to give answer to a market demanding high flexibility with respect to both production volumes and product diversity. Manufacturing and distribution Make-to-Order and Just-in-Time policies have widely superseded the former Make-to-Stock production policy. There is a widely acepted need of new methodologies and tools able to afford the challenging decision making and optimization problems in such logistics and production systems.

The LogiSim Research Group on Modeling and Simulation of Logistics Systems efforts include significant contributions to logistics and production modeling, operation and management. Along with basic contributions to the understanding of these problems, the group has developed a methodology based on the Couloured Petri Net formalism able to combine optimization techniques (search methods) and simulation techniques (evaluation methods).