18-10-2012 Minia Porteiro El subtitulado como herramienta complementaria en la rehabilitación logopédica de patologías lingüísticas 

3-12-2012 – Verónica Arnáiz  Análisis de los párametros que regulan la práctica del subtitulado para sordos 

23-09-2013 Joel Snyder Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal

3-02-2014  Estel·la Oncins Accessability for the scenic arts: a work based on surtitles

17-11-2014 Anna Maszerowska Various Verbalizations of the Effects of Lighting Conventions in Audio Description Scripts: Investigative Analysis

29-06-2015 Tia Muller  A user-centred study of the Norms for Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing on French television

09-01-2017 Aikaterina Tsousi Making sound effects accessible for the d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing: An experimental study on audience reception

15-03-2017 Agnieszka Walzak Audio Description in Education: Seeing the World of Science​

24-11-2017 Alicia Rodríguez Audio description and audio volume standardization proposal: towards a systematized production​

5-11-2018 Olivia Gerber Subtitling Segmentation Quality Across Screens

26-07-2019 Joan Bestard Politica de Accesibilidad en las Artes Escénicas

15-09-2020 Rocío Bernabé Caro – Easy Audiovisual Content for All

22-01-2021 Marta Bosch – Reception of sign-interpreted TV contents: the impact of formal parameters on media accessibility

20-04-2022 María Jiménez Andres. Communication and language management in third sector organisations supporting refugees. 

At present I am supervising the following PhDs:

Ebru Kanik, Live Subtitling and Respeaking in the Turkish Setting

Marta Brecia, XR accessibility: beyond 360º video

PhD Co-supervise with Michelle Phillipov at The Adelaide University 

Kari Seeley, Engaging Visually Impaired Audiences Through Audio Description∫ Case Studies of Media and Disability in Australia¨ UK and Singapore

PhD Tutor

Marta Miquel, supervised by Yves Gambier & Pablo Romero-Fresco, 21-04-2017

Juan Martínez, supervised by Andrew Duchowski & Agnieszka Szarkowska,