Op. 74 Radix Mundi

alii tituli:

Tractatus alchemicus de lapide philosophico


Omnium corpora constancium tam perfecta quam imperfecta.


op. 55 Little (1914), 413-414.



  • Oxford, St. John’s College, 172 (sec. XV), ff. 311v-321r.
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, 133 (sec. XVI), f. 22. Contiene una traducción inglesa realizada por Robert Freelove.
  • Oxford, British Museum, Sloane 1799.

Continet 15 capitula

[Salmon (1692)]

  • Of the Original of Metals, and principle of the Mineral work.
  • od Mercury, the second principle of the work.
  • Of the purification of metals and Mercury, for the work.
  • Of the cojunction of the Principles, for this great work.
  • Of vessels, Lute, Closing, and Times of the Philosophick work.
  • Of the Philosofer’s Fire, kinds of Government thereof.
  • Of the Aenigma’s of Philosophers, their deceptions, precautions, etc.
  • Of the various signs appearing in every operation.
  • Of the eduction of the whiteness out of the black matter.
  • Of the way how to educe the red tincture out of the white.
  • Of the multiplication of our medicine by dissolution.
  • Of the multiplication of our medicine by fermentation.
  • Of the differences of the medicine, and proportion used in projection.
  • Of projection, and how it is performed upon thr metal.
  • Of the compleat or perfection of the whole work.

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