Integrated Laboratory Animal Services (SIAL) was established at the UAB in 1999 as a Laboratory Animal Science and Technology Service for both the university community and external users.


It consists primarily of researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Animal Physiology, Pathological Anatomy, Microbiology, Parasitology); and experts on laboratory animal science from the Animal Facility at the UAB. We collaborate with UAB researchers in the area of the interest of each study. We have available the following UAB services: Rodents Animal Facility, Farm Animal Facility, Experimental Surgery rooms, Microscopy, Cell Culture, RMN and others.


We have over 25 years experience of working on competitively basic and applied financed projects, and some of our researchers have extensive experience of working in multinational companies in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, we are also part of a large institution that has been recognized as an ‘International Campus of Excellence’ (UAB-CEI). This allows us access to a large community of investigators and enables us to advise on and provide solutions to a wide range of research problems.


The aim of SIAL is the development, innovation and transfer of knowledge in research that requires the use of animal models. To this end, SIAL is active in two main areas: R & D activities with private companies and the training of professionals: