The bryophyte collection of the BCB herbarium is currently incorporated in the BCN herbarium, which is located at the Centre de Documentació de Biodiversitat Vegetal (CeDocBiV) of the University of Barcelona.

Address: Baldiri Reixac, 2, 08028. Tel. 34 934 03 70 19

Goniomitrium seroi Casas

The BCB herbarium consists of about 60.000 specimens of mosses and liverworts. It was started in 1942 although formally dates back to 1971, shortly after the founding of the Autonomous University of Barcelona with Creu Casas as Professor of Botany at the time. The best represented areas are Catalonia, the Iberian Peninsula in general and the Balearic Islands. The main collectors are C. Casas, M. Brugués and R. M. Cros. It includes the herbaria of P. Seró and J. Vives, two exchange collections (Societé d’Exchange des Muscinées and Brioteca Hispánica), three exsiccata and 10 type specimens.

Holotypus: Acaulon casasianum Brugués & H.A.Crum, Acaulon dertosense Casas, Sérgio, Cros & Brugués, Acaulon fontiquerianum Casas & Sérgio, Goniomitrium seroi Casas, Orthotrichum comosum F. Lara, R. Medina & Garilleti.

Isotypus: Orthotrichum handiense F.Lara, Garilleti & Mazimpaka, Orthotrichum ibericum F.Lara & Mazimpaka, Orthotrichum macrocephalum F.Lara, Garilleti & Mazimpaka, Orthotrichum vittii F.Lara, Garilleti & Mazimpaka

Paratypus: Orthotrichum casasianum F.Lara, Garilleti & Mazimpaka
Acaulon casasianum Brugués & CrumAcaulon fontiquerianum Casas & SérgioOrthotrichum handiense F.Lara, Garilleti & Mazimpaka