Dr. Albert Granados undertook his undergraduate studies at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). In 2014, he received his MSc in Electrochemistry, Science and Technology under the supervision of Prof. Iluminada Gallardo. Then, he joined the Vallribera group at UAB, where he received his Ph.D. with a special award in 2018. Subsequently, he pursued postdoctoral studies with Prof. Roser Pleixats and Prof. Adelina Vallribera at UAB. In 2021, he began another postdoctoral stint in the Molander group at University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) working on novel photoinduced organic transformations. In 2023 he was appointed as Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of UAB and promoted to Associate Professor in mid 2024. His research focuses on (photo)catalysis, organofluorous chemistry, DEL technology, and materials science.

email: albert.granados@uab.es