In addition to research, egolab-GRAFO provides support to researchers, institutions and professionals interested in social network developments. Among others, it collaborates in the development of software for data collection of personal networks, and it organizes a yearly international summer school into the theory and analysis of personal networks for PhD students and researchers, usually held in July.

It also organized the first European Conference in Social Networks (EUSN) in Barcelona in 2014; the second was organized by Sciences Po (Paris) in 2016 and the third by the Johannes Gutenburg University in Mainz in 2017.

Furthermore, egolab-GRAFO co-publishes Revista REDES, a journal dedicated to social network analysis indexed in the first quartile of IN-RECS Antropología, and in ERIH Plus. It has an agreement with the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (November 2012) for developing personal networks applications and joint research.

We follow the Code of Good Scientific Practice and this specific code for Ethics, Storage & Publication Policies for Personal Network Data .

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