EMIGRA is an acronym of the words that define our field of specialization and our discipline: Education, Migrations, Childhood/Youth, Gender, within Anthropological Research in the wider context of the Social Sciences.

The group was born in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and was officially recognized by the UAB in 2007, the year in which it organized the II International Congress of Ethnography and Education at the UAB. Shortly thereafter, EMIGRA promoted the creation of the Centre d’Estudis i Recerca en Migracions, approved by the Governing Council in 2009, an interdisciplinary and interuniversity UAB-UB research centre, which integrates research staff in the field of migration through groups in Anthropology, Sociology, Law and Education. CER Migracions holds the status of Grup de Recerca Consolidat (SGR2017 1702) of AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya.

EMIGRA is part of the materialist tradition in social sciences from the socio-critical paradigm, with an explicit commitment to social transfer from applied anthropology. Specifically, we work mainly on the conditions of integration of children and youth and their families and environments in the context of contemporary global dynamics between cultural diversity and social inequality, from an intersectional perspective of class, gender and origin.

EMIGRA is part of several academic and professional networks and associations: NESET II, IRNEYET, IMISCOE, Spanish Federation of Sociology; Society for Applied Anthropology, AIBR.

At present, EMIGRA is carrying out 3 research and social intervention projects:

  • Strategic Partnership 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000027661 EU HORIZON: Inclusive education with an intersectional approach, for the school success of girls and boys of migrant origin, 144,000 (in collaboration with InteRED Spain)
  • RICIP-AGAUR ICI01521-00016/2021 Desplaçaments forçats per violències fora de context bèl-lic i context de recepció laboral i escolar, 10.000€.
  • Fundació Autònoma Solidària UAB 2021/003 Suport legal a dones migrants en casos de violència, 10.000€ (in collaboration with PROBENS)

EMIGRA has research and social intervention agreements, among others, with Europa Sense Murs, Save the Children, Unicef, InteRED, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, Ajuntament de Sabadell and other city councils and county councils of the territory.

Our latest transfer product resulting from the European ORALPHA project (2018-2020) is the MOOC (Massive Online Open Courseware) of the Coursera-UAB platform Literacy for new citizens. A course for trainershttps://www.coursera.org/uab

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