27 a 30 de junio

Escuela de Verano de Doctorado 2016: Asia Oriental, UAB.

History, Heritage and Memory in China’s Social Transformation Since 1949, a cargo de Harriet Evans (University of Westminster).

Japan’s Transcultural Media: Crossing Borders in the Modern Eraa cargo de Dolores P. Martinez (University of Oxford).


27 de junio a 2 de julio

Escuela de Verano de Doctorado 2015: Asia Oriental, UAB. 

Robo sapiens japanicus:  Human-robot coexistence and the future of “society” in Japana cargo de Jennifer Robertson (University of Michigan)

China Chic and China Shock in 20th Century Literary and Visual Writing: Investigating Modern Chinoiseriea cargo de Marco Ceresa (Università Ca’Foscari, Venecia).


30 de junio a 4 de julio

Escuela de Verano de Doctorado 2014: Asia Oriental, UAB. 

The Rise and Fall of Male Entitlement: men in marriage, love, family and work in contemporary Japana cargo de Sharon Kinsella (University of Manchester). 

Shaping a new generation: changing perceptions of training the ideal Chinese person in the 20th and 21st century, a cargo de Stig Thøgersen (Aarhus University).


30 de junio a 4 de julio

Escuela de Verano de Doctorado 2013: Asia Oriental, UAB. 

From Socialism to Postsocialism: Social and Cultural Transformations in Contemporary Chinaa cargo de Lisa Rofel (University of California, Santa Cruz).

Children and Youth in Contemporary Japana cargo de Sabine Frühstück (University of California, Santa Barbara).


25 a 28 de junio

Escuela de Verano de Doctorado 2012: Asia Oriental, UAB. 

The Globalisation of China and the Chinese Body, a cargo de Zheng Yangwen (University of Manchester, Regne Unit).

The Problems of Religion in Contemporary Japan, a cargo de Ian Reader (University of Manchester, Regne Unit).


27 de junio a 1 de julio

Escuela de Verano de Doctorado 2011: Asia Oriental, UAB. 

Beyond Ethnocentrism and into the Postnationalist Era?: Chinese Translation Studies in the Twenty-first Century, a cargo de Martha P. Y. Cheung (Hong Kong Baptist University).

The Culture of Translation in Modern Japan, a cargo de Indra Levy (Stanford University).


28 de junio a 2 de julio

Escuela de Verano de Doctorado 2010: Asia Oriental, UAB. 

Comparative Postcolonial Theorya cargo de Shu-Mei Shih (University of California).

Postwar Cultural History of Japan, a cargo de Harumi Befu (Stanford University).