In spite that majority of archaeologists don’t believe it, archaeology is a mathematical discipline (as used to say David Clarke), in the same rank with chemistry, physics etc. It means that we have to use methods and reasoning developed in mathematical language in order to resolve archaeological problem.

For more than 20 years professors and research stuff of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona works on quantitative methods and computer applications in archaeology. Our goals always were to discover:

WHAT type of social action can be related with specific sets of archaeological observables? What material effects were produced by social action and how we can reconstruct-it starting from the observation of these effects?

WHY the social action tuck place in the past, why it have changed, or why it remains stable through time.

Therefore, the archaeological data are not things for hoarding but measures of reality. The variability is one fundamental characteristic owned by measure of a property in a set of individuals.

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