PhD Theses

Isaac Lampurlanés, Excerptum de Talmud. Critical Edition and Study. Defended January 2019.

Annabel González, La transmissió dels manuscrits del Talmud de Babilònia a Europa: de l’original hebreu a la traducció llatina del Talmud (París 1244-1245). Defended February 2020.

BA Theses

Laura Fortea Marin, Glossae Salomonis in Exodum. Edición crítica y traducción de la versión latina de las glosas de Rashi al Éxodo: term 2018-2019 (UAB)

Jana Mellado Sánchez, Edició crítica i traducció de la versió llatina de les glosses de Raixí al Gènesi: term 2018-2019 (UAB)

María Grafton, La presencia del francés medieval en el Talmud (en su versión latina): term 2015-2016 (UAB).

Papers and Publications

13/07/2022: Read a Reassessment of the Trial against the Talmud (Paris 1240), by A. Fidora.

18/01/2022: U. Cecini lectures on “Die lateinischen Talmudübersetzungen” at Erfurt University.

31/12/2021: New article by Fidora on the Latin Talmud and the Barcelona Disputation 1263.

06/10/2021: U. Cecini speaks at the 53. Deutscher Historikertag in Munich on the Latin Talmud.

07/09/2021: A. Fidora gives a paper on the Christian Hebraist Nicholas of Lyra at the 8th Congress of SOFIME.

18/03/2021: Read an article by A. Fidora on the Talmud in the Summa Halensis.

01/10/2020: I. Lampurlanés’s PhD-thesis on the Exceptum de Talmud published.

01/08/2020: Read an article by A. Fidora on the Latin Talmud and Papal Jurisdiction.

31/03/2020: New monograph by A. Fidora: Albertus Magnus und der Talmud.

17/12/2019: New book edited by A. Fidora & G. K. Hasselhoff: The Talmud in Dispute During the High Middle Ages, including studies and text editions.

08/11/2019: A Fidora gives the Lectio Albertina 2020 in Bonn on Albert the Great and the Talmud.

01/09/2019: The special issue of Henoch on Polemic translations of Jewish texts during the Middle Ages has appeared.

28/06/2018: LATTAL organizes a session at the International Medieval Meeting in Lleida.

08/05/2018: Read an article by G. Hasselhoff on “The Yerushalmi Quotations in Ramon Martí’s Pugio fidei“.

17/03/2018: A. Fidora will give a paper on the Latin Talmud at the Forbidded Ideas-conference in Oxford.

13/02/2018: Joint workshop on the Latin Talmud by the CSOC and LATTAL in Beersheva. Follow the Introduction and the papers on Youtube.

11/01/2018: U. Cecini and E. Vernet publish the collective volume Studies on the Latin Talmud (contributions by U. Cecini, F. Dal Bo, A. Fidora, A. Geiger, A. González, G. K. Hasselhoff, I. Lampurlanés, M. Leyra, Ó. de la Cruz and E. Vernet). Read on-line.

10/01/2018: G. K. Hasselhoff and A. Fidora publish a collective volume on Ramon Martí”s Pugio fidei: Studies and Texts (contributions by Ph. Bobichon, A. Fidora, A. Giletti, G.K. Hasselhoff, R. Szpiech, S. Wiersma and Y. Yisraeli). Read on-line.

26/10/2017: A. Fidora gives a lecture at the Abrahamic Programs Inaugural Symposium, University of Connecticut.

07/08/2017: F. Dal Bo, A. González and E. Vernet organize a session on the Latin Talmud at the World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.

31/07/2017: Read an article by I. Lampurlanés on the section De Messia of the Extractiones.

27/07/2017: A. Fidora will give a paper with the titel “Alia lex, quae dicitur Talmud” at the 14th Congress of the SIEPM in Porto Alegre.

14/07/2017: Read an article by A. Fidora on Albertus Magnus and the Latin Talmud.

10/07/2017: Read an article by U. Cecini on the Hebrew-Latin Talmud manusscript in Florence.

27/06/2017: A. Fidora gives a paper on “The Latin Talmud and the Extension of Papal Jurisdiction over Jews” at the MPI-Conference “Convivencia” in Lison.

22/05/2017: New article by G. Hasselhoff on Rashi’s Latin comments on Exodus.

19/05/2017: A. Fidora gives a paper on the Latin Talmud at the James Loeb Conference in Munich.

20/03/2017: U. Cecini, G. Hasselhoff and I. Lampurlanés will give papers on the Latin Talmud and the Dux Neutrorum at the 17th Symposium of the Mediaevistenverband in Bonn.

18/02/2017: A. Fidora gives an interview on the Latin Talmud for Càpsules de Ciència, TV3.

21/12/2016: Read an article by U. Cecini, Ó. de la Cruz and E. Vernet on the Latin Talmud in Tamid.

3/12/2016: A. González gives a paper with the title “The Hebrew Sources of the Latin Translation of the Talmud in the Middle Ages” at the Congress “IMBAS, Transformation and Preservation in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages“, NUI Galway.

25/11/2016:  A. González gives a paper with the title “La traducció llatina del Talmud: les fonts hebrees” at the “III Jornadas Predoctorales en estudios de la antigüedad y la Edad Media. Culturas en contacto, conflicto, asimilación e intercambio“. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

19/11/2016: Two new articles: 1) Nicholas Donin’s Thirty-Five Articles Against the Talmud by A. Fidora and U. Cecini , and 2) Rashi and the Dominicans by G. Hasselhoff, both in Charles Burnett and Pedro Mantas-España (eds.), Ex Oriente lux…, Córdoba/London 2016, pp. 187-199 and 201-215 respectively.

18/11/2016: A. González gives a paper with the title “La influència del Talmud en la vida quotidiàna de jueus i cristians a l’Edad Mitjana” at the “V Seminari d’estudis medievals d’Hostalric. Històries del dia a dia a l’Edad Mitjana“, Ajuntament d’Hostalric and Arxiu Històric d’Hostalric.

19-20/09/2016: A. González participates at the “IV Corso intensivo di Paleografi ebraica” held by Judith Schlanger and Mauro Perani, at the Laboratorio di Epigrafia e Codicologia Ebraica del Dipartamento di Beni Culturali dell’alma Mater Università di Bologna.

19/07/2016: LATTAL on Radio Deutschlandfunk.

03-07/07/2016: LATTAL organises three sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds (sessions 132, 232, 332).

01/07/2016: Dr. Filippo Sedda (Rome) gives a seminar on the Latin Talmud in John of Capistrano’s library (10am, MRA, UAB).

6-8/06/2016, U. Cecini, A. González, E. Vernet present the LATTAL-project at “EAJS Laboratory Workshop” in Aix-en-Provnce.

12-15/05/2016: U.Cecini, G. Hasselhoff and E. Vernet organize a session at the 51st International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo.

03/02/2016: New book by H. J. Hames, L’Art de la conversió. El Cristianisme i la Càbala en el segle XIII, Barcelona/Palma 2015.

01/02/2016: Read an article by E. Vernet on the Transcription of Hebrew and Arabic proper names in the Latin Talmud.

14/01/2016: Read an article by A. Fidora on the Girona-manuscript of the Latin Talmud.

25/11/2015: G. Hasselhoff and I. Lampurlanés give two papers at the V Congrés per a l’estudi dels jueus en territoris de llengua catalana, Institut d’Estudis Catalans.

18/11/2015: A. Fidora gives a paper with the title “Between Philology and Polemic: The Prologues to the Latin Talmud Dossier” at the International Conference “Narratives on Translation”, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin.

14/10/2015: Read an article by A. Fidora on The Two Versions of the Latin Talmud.

11/10/2015: Read an article by A. Fidora on the Latin Talmud, Nicholas Donin and Thibaud de Sézanne.

12/09/2015: G. Hasselhoff gives a paper on ” A Neglected Chapter: The Domincians and the Talmud as Exemplified with Raymond Martini” at the Conference “The Influences of the Dominican Order in the Middle Ages”, Lincoln College, Oxford.

14/07/2015: Ó. de la Cruz gives a paper on “Primera aproximación a la traducción latina del Talmud (c. 1240)”, XIV Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos.

13/07/2015: A. Fidora, U. Cecini and E. Vernet organize a section on the “Latin Talmud” at the Annual Meeting of the European Association of Biblical Stduies in Cordova.

16/06/2015: A. Fidora presents LATTAL at E.Y.E. Catalunya: video.

02/06/2015: Ó. de la Cruz, U. Cecini and E. Vernet give a paper on “Lex super os vel in ore: La traducció del Talmud al llatí durant el s. XIII”, Societat Catalana d’Estudis Hebraics, Institut d’Estudis Catalans.

27/05/2015: A. Fidora gives a paper on Nicholas Donin’s 35 Articles against the Talmud at the Córdoba Near Eastern Research Unit. He shows that Donin’s 35 Articles are the result of a collaborative translation “à deux interprètes” from Hebrew into French into Latin.

11/03/2015: The Museu de la Història de Barcelona reopens its branch in Barcelona’s Jewish Quarter (El Call) with a new exhibition (among the commissioners: A. Fidora and E. Vernet).

13/01/2015: A. Fidora gives a paper on “Textual Rearrangement and Thwarted Intentions: The Two Versions of the Latin Talmud” at the Workshop “Translating Sacred Texts“, CCHS-CSIC, Madrid.

31/10/2014: U. Cecini and A. Fidora give a paper each at the International Workshop «The Cultural Broker Comparing Modes of Dis/integration of Cultural and Religious Otherness in the Mediterranean World and Beyond», at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.