Iris Serrat Roozen (Universidad Internacional de Valencia) and Estella Oncins (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

As new technologies develop in the audiovisual field, substantial changes are taking place in the way information is processed, distributed and accessed. In this regard, Blockchain technology is, without a doubt, at the epicentre of the technological revolution and, despite its undeniable application in different industries, it seems to remain ignored in the audiovisual translation (AVT) and media accessibility (MA) fields. This technology can be used to address copyright issues and to rethink the ways in which we use, reuse, distribute and monetise the content we create.

This presentation will first describe the main issues related to copyright management in the audiovisual field. Second, the blockchain technology developed in the Mediaverse platform to manage copyrights will be outlined. Third, the results gathered from a focus group with professionals from the MA field will be reported. The aim of the focus group was to evaluate to which extend the copyright management envisaged under the Mediaverse project addresses the needs of professionals in the MA field. The extracted conclusions show the lack of information on intellectual property and copyright management in this field, and propose a potential solution that would enable any media content producer, particularly those working in MA services, to use a decentralized rights management framework.

Iris Serrat Roozen PhD in Applied Languages, Literature and Translation. Currently, she is an associate lecturer in language teaching at the Department of English and German Studies at the Universitat de València. Her main research interests are audiovisual translation, accessibility, and second language learning and teaching.

Estella Oncins Phd in Accessibility and Ambient Intelligence from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She has a large experience in providing accessibility for live events as a freelance translator, subtitler, surtitler and respeaker for Spanish television companies and conferences, and as an audio describer for Liceu Opera House. Her research areas are audiovisual translation, digital and media accessibility, and creative industry. She has collaborated with the Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) from W3C/WAI. She is a partner in different Erasmus+ and H2020 projects in the field of digital and media accessibility