Alejandro Moledo del Río

European Disability Forum (EDF) Policy Coordinator.
Mr. Moledo coordinates EDF’s advocacy work towards the European Parliament, and focuses on policies concerning political participation and accessibility for persons with disabilities on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), research and innovation, and EDF involvement in standardization activities. Among other areas, Mr. Moledo has developed policy positions and recommendations regarding web accessibility, audiovisual services, electronic communications, and accessibility requirements for other ICT products and services. Additionally, he also supports the work of the European Parliament Disability Intergroup.

Mr. Moledo holds a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Journalism from University of Valencia (Spain, 2005-2010), including one year at York University (Canada), as well as a Master’s degree in political and corporate communication from University of Navarra and George Washington University (Spain and US, 2011-2012). During his bachelor’s studies he worked as communication officer for a political group within the parliament of the Valencia Region (2009 and 2010). After working as a journalist in digital media and a communication agency in Andorra, he started working in a European public affairs company (Madrid) in 2012, before joining the European Disability Forum in 2013.

Mr Moledo is also member of the Spanish Blind Organisation (ONCE), for which he worked as a journalist and regional representative of young visually impaired people inside the organisation (2008-2011).