Tomorrow’s mediascape will be a transformed landscape where collaboration, partnership and mutual understanding will be key to success for traditional and new players. New voices, new workflows, and new technologies will provide great opportunities to interact and initiate lasting changes in business models and in discussions that progress from tolerating difference to celebrating diversity. 

Media for All 9 will provide a platform for all stakeholders, from researchers and developers to analysts, audiences and business leaders to present their findings, developments, ideas and experiences from the multi-faceted world of audiovisual translation and media accessibility and to highlight in particular their technological, social, financial and academic impact.

The conference will promote creative thinking and provide a forum for people to share knowledge and expand their horizons while demonstrating the true potential of multidisciplinary work. 

Media for All 9 will host participants representing all sectors with the explicit goal of exploring how collaborative approaches and methodologies as well as advances in technology and skillsets will transform the panorama of media accessibility and translation, and contribute to creating a society for all.

The key themes for Media for All 9 are:

  • Technology transformation
  • Cross-stakeholder collaboration
  • Community involvement
  • Flexibility, adaptability, customization
  • Awareness and education
  • Professional practices
  • Research and testing
  • Resources and networks
  • Standards and best practices

Topics to be addressed within the field of audiovisual translation and media accessibility include:

  • Production tools
  • Content creation and consumption
  • KPIs and evaluation metrics
  • Devices, environments and platforms
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Research methodologies
  • Technologies
  • Cognition and perception research
  • Standards and policies