unnamed_0.jpgCarlo Eugeni

Carlo Eugeni is parliamentary live subtitler at the Rome Capitol and chairman of the Scientific Committe of the International Federation for Information and Communication Processing INTERSTENO. He has pioneered studies on respeaking by launching the international symposium on live subtitling, funding the International Association of Respeaking onA.I.R. and writing the first book and Ph.D. thesis on the topic. Carlo teaches audiovisual translation at the University for Foreigners of Perugia and the universities of Parma and Macerata and is a member of the MA and doctoral commissions of the University of Mons.

He has published in the fields of live subtitling and deafness and has participated in numerous national and international research projects on deaf accessibility, subtitling strategies and linguistic quality control.

In 2018 Carlo received an honorary award by the Italian Association of Cochlear Implant Users APIC for his commitment in promoting the empowerment of deaf people through live and pre-recorded subtitling. He is currently Intellectual Output leader in the Erasmus+ project LTA (Live Text Access), in charge of the curriculum design for the training of the real-time intralingual subtitler through respeaking and velotyping.