Two years ago, on September 19 2010, I started publishing my ranting and raving on teaching English Literature (and other academic matters) here. I am very much surprised myself by the frequency and regularity of my postings, which now amount to 100,000 words, a long book.

Writing this blog, my journal of the plague years of the crisis, feels often very, very lonely. Yet, it keeps me sane (or rather, it prevents me from going insane) and, well, from comments published here and others I get in person, my guess is that someone is reading me, if only a few (thanks José Ángel, I appreciate!!). I don’t think I have ever wasted my time writing here, quite the opposite.

Anyway, to celebrate I’m giving away here a Guide I’ve written for anyone who might be interested, like me, in doing research in the field of SF. Yes, I know, it’s an odd gift, but, I don’t know, it just feels right. I hope someone ‘out there’ enjoys it.