The Tesaurus d’Història de Catalunya is a controlled vocabulary of terms in Catalan on the history of Catalonia. It was created to be used as a key tool in the analysis and retrieval of the information stored in the Fons d’Història Local de Catalunya. database.

It is the result of a big effort that began back in 1987 and nowadays has :

4.582 terms

8.744 relacions between terms

1.090 equivalents terms

3.480 hierarchical relations

8.744 associatives relations

The History of Catalonia Thesaurus has been implemented online using “Tematres” (v. 3.3) an open source vocabulary server application.

You can browse or search the Thesaurus using the different displays and search options provided by the Tematres application:

  • Free search of a term in the “Search” form.
  • Hierarchical display: shows the hierarchy of the term and relationships to the other terms following.
  • Alphabetical display: shows a simple alphabetized list of terms, with the following associated information:

USEU / USE: indicates the descriptor to be used instead of the non descriptor term.

Nota històrica / Historical note: the term chronological scope.

Nota d’abast / Scope note: provides an explanation on using the given descriptor or the term definition looked up in a reference book (Enciclopèdia Catalana, etc.)

UP (Utilitzat per) / UF (Used for) : indicates one or more non-descriptors, i.e. synonyms or near-synonyms of a given descriptor.

TG terme genèric / BT Broader Term: indicates one or more generic, or parent descriptors, i.e. one level higher in the thesaurus structure.

TE terme o termes específics / NT Narrower Term: indicates one or more specific, or child descriptors, i.e. one level lower in the thesaurus structure.

TR  termes relacionats / RT Related Term:  indicates one or more related descriptors.


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