The data and findings offered at this website belong to the research carried out by the Research Team TRAFIL until 2012. Although there has not been any more research carried out since that date, we consider it is interesting to offer access to the terminological database created, called MARPATERM, as well as to the different articles and papers published by the researchers.

TRAFIL is a pluridisciplinary research group interested in the different languages and cultures involved in the process of translating distant philosophies, especially Indian philosophies. The group aims to make these languages and cultures more accessible and easier to understand.

TRAFIL’s approach involves analysing translation, terminology and transculturalism, and comprises:

– a terminology research project on Buddhist philosophy through the development of a multilingual terminology and knowledge database (MARPA term) to serve as a tool for translation;

– a study of the translations of Ancient Indian philosophy texts into different languages to identify how cultural transfer takes place through the analysis of the methodological options and translation techniques used;

– the translation of classical texts and essays on the philosophies of Ancient India, avoiding both ethnocentrism and multiculturalism by applying a strategy of transculturalism.